Notes and thoughts.....on reflection Its a part of the ancient practice of self improvement. Being objective is a requirement.Removing ones ego is a part of this process. It can be vey personal, describing feelings of failure or negativity. Benefits include a potential comparison to diaring and downloading ones thoughts. Big picture perspective / 10,000ft view. [...]


NEW BEGINNINGS Today was our first lecture, and the start of what I hope is an exciting journey towards a new career. As a teacher myself (golf coaching), I recognise the fundamental concept of reflection and regular feedback as of integral value in helping learn and not just consume the information. So far I'm really [...]

Turn Procrastination into Rehearsal

Is blogging good enough? Having previously read Steven Pressfields ‘The Resistance’ it makes perfect sense. Over and above Pressfield’s book was the modern angle: “It would not be hard to make a case that the standards of most bloggers are too low, that these digital innovators would make themselves more readable and persuasive by raising [...]