why blog?

I really enjoyed reading the Andrew Sullivan piece on blogging culture, highly relevant despite a puplication date of 2008. He is very articulate and for me personally highlights the key value proposition of reading a personal insight on a blog over a carefully scripted newspaper article. Highlights include: "It is the spontaneous expression of instant [...]


The Gibbs cycle creates a powerful framework for coaxing out your feelings and emotions at each step rather than relying on a generalisation. The line of reasoning your are forced to answer with, generates a clearly defined action plan. Here is my attempt at using it! Description  Over the winter, via netstudy, I took a [...]


https://twitter.com/naval/status/1174909057720668160 Naval coincidentally tweeted about the very topic that has now taken over my focus as we began researching and writing about information security at uni this week. I've been diving deep on Snowden lately (blog link), all with the angle of - is he paranoid or simply not naiive? https://twitter.com/smussenden/status/1174840444028706816 So are the security [...]


(an assignment below - wonder how this advice will look in the coming months!) ------------------------------- A Short Guide to NUC for New Students GET COMFORTABLEYour in this for years! Not months, not weeks, but years. Don’t stress in these first few weeks to get everything just perfect. Think back to day one at high school [...]


Starting at Noroff is the culmination of an initial curiosity in how the world is changing around us thanks to software, to quote Marc Andreessen, "software is eating the world". The more I read, the deeper I dug, the more I was fascinated. But I want to be more than a generalist, more than a [...]


Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress : https://ma.tt/ His publication of topics way off the beaten track of the tech world make him a very interesting person for following. Having been an avid WordPress user for years, it has been nice to understand and appreciate the open source values he preaches. Seth Godin, author : https://seths.blog/ Another well [...]