API security from REDHAT

Use tokens. Establish trusted identities and then control access to services and resources by using tokens assigned to those identities. Use encryption and signatures. Encrypt your data using a method like TLS(see above). Require signatures to ensure that the right users are decrypting and modifying your data, and no one else.Identify vulnerabilities. Keep up with […]


Although I’m learning python at uni, I found this podcast very enlightening in terms of progressing my understanding of the history and bigger picture of the field. The creator of a fundamentaly vital language in software speaks very clearly and calmly – good educational stuff! ” Bjarne Stroustrup is the creator of C++, a programming […]


Emerging Technology: Thoughts based on: Svetlana Sicular and Kenneth Brant (2018): Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence 2018, Gartner. PRESSURE TO ADOPT NEW TECHNOLOGY Sometimes we come under great pressure to adopt new technology or processes whether at home or at work. This brief analysis will deal simply with a typical work culture. Why would people […]


A quick reflective update on our ambitious project for 1st year: RESEARCH The process of research can on one hand feel like a magical, addictive mode of discovery as you encounter fantastic new information. On the other hand it can be equally frustrating as you cant find evidence of a theory you have developed or […]